jQuery Plugins – Month Picker

Good user experience month selector, easily to choose the report by month or quarter.



Click here to demo site


Version 2.0 – Download (full demo and source code)


Please comment here if you found it, i will kill the bugs ^_^

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  1. hi.

    nice plugin! i’m using it in my current project.

    but here are some suggestions:

    you should be able to set the month & year after the monthpicker is created, for example in other events.
    you should be able to return false in the callback, so that the selection of a month is not valid and remains at the old month.

    ycTIN Reply:

    Thanks for your suggestions, i will implement your suggestion 1 in next version.
    But i am not understand your suggestion 2, you mean the custom callback function should be return value to monthpicker object?

    Best Regards,


  2. i mean, that an onClick event should be fired, with month/year event args. so you can validate if the change is valid (=highlight new month/year), or not (=don’t do anything, stay at the previously selected month)

    ycTIN Reply:

    oic , but I think I will add the new callback function named onBeforeChange instead of modify the onChanged. Any idea?

    Best Regards,


  3. Hi Timmy
    Is there any way to load the monthPicker plugin with a year and month previously selected before showing?


    ycTIN Reply:

    Hi Enrique,

    You can see the `Example 2, set default value` at the demo site.

    Best Regards,


  4. How to set default value in the textbox

    ycTIN Reply:

    I don’t understand what do you want, could you explain more detail?


  5. Hey yc,

    Nice work here, it’s just what I was looking for :-)

    I was wondering if you plan on tweaking your plugin to look and behave more like the jQuery DatePicker plugin (except that instead of days, I’d be picking months in a year). In particular, I was looking for a more compact layout and the ability to make the plugin behave like a popup and disapperar when click outside of it.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback and congratulations!

    ycTIN Reply:

    Hi Victor,

    I make this plugin is to do the Ajax report filtering in my project, so it will have are different with DatePicker plugin. I also want to make it more similar to Datepicker too.



  6. I love this!! It is perfect for what I need.

    I apologize since I am not a jquery guy so please excuse my ignorance but I really want to use your great work.

    Q: How can I strip out all the Year value functions???

    I just need to select one month and move on. The year is not an option for my use.

    I also will not be needing all the months each time. It will only need the months from their last entry to the end of the year.

    I am very impressed with your work. i which I had such talent. Cheers!


  7. Have you added a way to set the month/year after the montpicker has been created?

    Such as: myMonthpicker.setDate(2009, 12);

    ycTIN Reply:

    Sorry, this function not yet ready.


  8. This is a great plugin. Thank you for it. But I would like to suggest a new feature for it. I am using this in my current project, but the issue is they want to be able to arrange the months by fiscal year.
    example my company fiscal year starts in Nov. so the months should be from Nov to Oct.

    My question is would it be possible to set the starting month and get the the month value based on that?


  9. Hi want to display two dates (i.e From and To dates).
    But with the current plugin, It is taking new line for each date.

    Please tell me what should i do.



  10. Tim,

    Thanks for this nice extension.
    The only thing i am missing is to set month/year to the new
    selected month/year, it goes back each time to current month


  11. can you help me get the value in an input field?


  12. Hi
    Is it possible to send/receive to picked month/year in a php variable (on the server)?

    Thanks very much, Roger

    ycTIN Reply:

    Yes, use AJAX


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